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The Typical Products of Acquaviva Picena

The "acquavivana" kitchen is countersigned by genuineness and authentic tastes of other times. A standstill an hour of lunch, in one of the restaurants of the historical center it allows to taste the dishes of the local tradition. Simple and genuine foods as home ham, leopard, salamis, fegatini with the eggs, cheese pecorino, stracciatelle, pappardelle to the mute duckling, rabbit 'ncip - 'nciap, full olives, skewers of castrated. The typical sweets are the spuminis, the croutons to the almonds and the famous ones "peaches" (short pastries with full of chocolate and wet of alchermes) that they emit all of their fragrance from the various ovens of the country. The everything bathed by the magnificent wines Doc what the Red Piceno Superiore and the white Falerio of the hill Ascolani.

In Acquaviva Picena survives the art to manufacture baskets with the straw, the so-called ones "pagliarole". It is not rare to see, kind in summer, the elderly women of the country, on the door of house, to weave the straw of wheat with formidable mastery, serving herself of an awl and of a bucket full of water. The workmanship is long and hard-working because it foresees preceding phases for the preparation of the materials: straw, willow and wild cannetta. The "pagliarole", a great deal of different forms are used, as "sfarinapesce", hands fruit, hands jobs to sweater, baskets for laundry and ornamental dishes.


The recipe: Rabbit  'ncip - 'nciap

It is a specialty that, also essential in the ingredients and simple in the preparation, it is very appetizing. It is not clear because this dish calls "ncip - nciap": the elderly ones say that the name derives from the noise that it produces him in to break the meat with the mannaretta, or from the bread dipped in the savory juice of the stew. The rabbit cuts asunder him and puts on in frying pan, with oil, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper. Wanting some white wine can be poured. The cooking must be made to low fire.


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