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S. Francis Church
San Rocco Church


Acquaviva Picena

Who looks for pure air, incomparable sceneries and vestigia of the past, it has to climb thin to ACQUAVIVA PICENA (mt. 365 s.l.ms.), delicious hilly center to around 8 kms. from San Benedetto del Tronto. The country, narrow around the Fortitude medioevale that was the fortress of the powerful family of the Dukes of Acquaviva, has preserved his ancient and stately beauty. The time seems to have stopped at the streets, holds and tortuous, of the historical center, and in the ramps and in the erect buttresses to defense of the inhabited area. Every angle, every stone they speak of the past and I am a sign of the collective memory. Different the monuments of sure historical and artistic interest: the church of St. Rocco (sec. XIII), the Gothic Door, the Tower of the clock, the Town Building with his valuable paintings, the Parish church, that of St. Lawrence of the Agostinianis with some pictures of the Riddles and, expanse on a hill, the church of St. Francis that the tradition wants founded really from Francis of Assisi.


Acquaviva Picena

The historical center "made of bricks". In the foreground the Bell tower (Sec. XIV), to the left the apse of the church of St. Rocco (Sec. XII), backer the Mastio of the castle (Sec. XIII) and in the background the Sibylline mountains snowed. 

Forte square

The gardens

The historical center in the night. 

 At the end of the street San Rocco Church

The Church of St. Francis in solitary meditation

Ascoli's Mountin: The Ascensione


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