M A R I'

Bed & Breakfast


The Terrace



The rooms of the B&B Marė offer a pleasant comfort in the calm of the boundaries of the country. They are not rooms of hotel, therefore you won't find the TV, neither the Refrigerator and other similar attractions but you will find in any case the pleasure to feel you as if you were at your home.... but in holidays!  

The rooms are furnished with taste and they are endowed with services in room or of external private services. There is also the possibility for the family to take in common an unity composed of 2 matrimonial rooms with a bath for both. In this case it is possible to get a meaningful discount on the price of the room.





Scicolone Maria Rosa
63030 Acquaviva Picena (AP)
via Panelli, 3
Tel:  +39  0735 764500 

Aggiornato il: 08-05-10

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